Amsalem (left) and Gottlieb (right)
Amsalem (left) and Gottlieb (right)Flash 90

Minister Dudi Amsalem and MK Tali Gottlieb engaged in a verbal confrontation during the weekly Likud faction meeting today.

Amsalem told Gottlieb: “Stop interrupting people and get out of here. We’ll throw you out.”

Gottlieb retorted: “Don’t look at me, we can smell the vodka you've been drinking from here.” In reply, Minister Amsalem stood up and asked her to smell his breath.

Another confrontation broke out around the issue of the day after the war. MK Danny Danon told the Prime Minister: “The situation yesterday, where the entire state was waiting to hear what Sinwar would answer, was embarrassing. We need to change our approach. We cannot allow a strong population to return to northern Gaza, that is the only achievement we've reached in this war.”

Minister Barkat asked the Prime Minister to assist in bringing foreign workers to replace Palestinian labor. “We are not responsible for finding employment for Palestinians. Paying them will not bring us calm. That is the approach of the misconception, which is not learned anything since the Black Sabbath.”

MK Moshe Saada asked: “If Hamas takes control of Judea and Samaria tomorrow, will we import workers from Hamas?”

MK Eliyahu Ravivo answered him: “Right now there is no decision, and neither Palestinians nor foreign workers, and everything is stopped. There are no workers. We need a decision.”

Minister Avi Dichter added: “For your information, there are 80,000 Palestinian workers from Eastern Jerusalem who work in Israel.”

Barkat repeated: “We are not responsible for finding work for Palestinians. Mr. Prime Minister, we need a decision. Right now, you are preventing me from bringing workers from peaceful states so that we remain reliant on Palestinians. Businesses are unable to survive this massive labor shortage, which is now in its fourth month.”