LocustsDror Garti' Flash 90

The Midrash tells us the root of the word "Amalek" in the following discussion:

What is the meaning of Amalek (root:'mlq), the Midrash asks?

1. People ('m) of the locust (ylq). They spread out like the 'zahla' - locust.

2/ [Alternatively] Amalek ('mlq) is a people ('am) who came to lap up (l’leq) the blood of Israel like a dog would.

R. Levi said in the name of R. Simeon ben Halafta, “To what may Amalek be likened? To a fly who is inflamed [with passion] after an [open] wound. So was Amalek inflamed like a dog [with passion] after Israel.”(Midrash Tanchuma, Ki Teitzei 9, 32-33)

A distinguisיed Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, once gave precious advice in his book The Art of War: “Know thy enemy.”

Many of our brethren who fell on October 7th fell for a simple reason: They could not imagine that just a few kilometers away, in a geographic stretch of land known as Gaza, murderous enemies lay awaiting for the opportune time to forego all restraint and allow themselves an orgy of blood, lust and destruction. Many in the IDF higher echelons felt the same. And so our defences were weak, our defenders unalert.

Yet our Torah, and our prayer book warns: “You shall remember what Amalek did to you...You shall not forget!” (Deuteronomy 17-19).

‘Mlq, the people of the locust, were filmed swarming the skies; likewise they traveled via land and water. Film footage shows thousands of dots, swarming above the Nova party, like so many insects, that at first glance seemed innocuous and inconsequential, until the shock and horror began to settle in as the Gazans began their frenzied bloodbath.

The behavior exhibited by ‘mlq and their proponents - torturing infants, desecrating dead bodies, kidnapping the elderly - prove that this is no “call to resistance” or “desire for liberation,” but something quite surreal, soulless and primitive. Their actions are a clear violation of all decency according to the moral codes not only of Judaism, but of Christianity and Islam as well.

The Gazans' acts are a violation of the very foundation of the essence of what it means to be a human being.

Some say that the events that unfolded on and as of of October 7th, horrific as they may be, are actually a revelation of a great miracle on our behalf. It seems that the original intention of our enemies was a three tiered, simultaneous attack against the South, the North, and the 'West Bank'. Amalek, however, was so inflamed with passion after the open wound inflicted upon Israel, that it continued its carnage in a blind folly, rather than withdrawing, as agreed upon, after the kidnapping of ten hostages.

This caused confusion in their collaborators up north and in Judea and Samaria. What was happening? Why were they still there? Why hadn’t they withdrawn? In confusion, the North and ‘West Bank’ did not take action according to the pre-agreed plan; and the nation of Israel was saved from possible annihilation.

It is doubly unfortunate that a large number of the October 7th victims were persons who had made it their life's purpose to “help those across the border” with peace overtures, personal integration and other forms of benevolence. They did not realize they were dealing with today's Amalek, not with ordinary persons who respond to kindness. While Hashem wants us, as Jews, to have compassion for all human beings, we cannot forget what Amalek did to us. No compassion.

We must know our enemy. We must put truth above idealism and naiveté, or we will not survive.