Spread peace over us in the coming year
Spread peace over us in the coming yeariStock

What if the Arabs took in two million of their brothers and sisters in Gaza? What if the world let us do as we pleased with the Land God gave us? What would Jewish Gaza look like?

Social media and on-demand news have sucked us into a deep black hole of “in the moment.”

History is what happened yesterday. Tomorrow comes once they count the ballots on November 5th – whenever that may be.

Our brains have been wiped clean of the future and the past.

As a result, we have stopped dreaming.

I haven’t.

I have a dream.

It’s a dream of Gaza.

It’s a dream of what we would do with it if 2 or more of the 2.3 million Gazan Arabs were taken in by their concerned and loving brothers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia to live out their lives as productive members of civilization.

It’s a dream of what the Jewish People would do with the 365 square kilometers of blank canvas with its 41-kilometer stretch of coastline.

The founding father of the Jewish State told us that if you will it, it is no longer a dream. That means that it was a dream in the first place.

Water, Water Everywhere!

Since we gave Gaza to the Arabs in 2005, there has been a revolution in the desalination of water taken from the Mediterranean Sea. This new water now provides Israel with half its water needs. The amount of water we draw from the Kineret has reduced by 95%.

A Jewish Gaza would have at least three new desalination plants pumping water throughout the Negev. Be’er Sheva is a mere 50 kilometers away from where the Sea touches the Strip.

The population of our greatest desert city would jump from 200,000 to one million as the new Gaza tunnels are filled with drinking water. A million residents of Be’er Sheva creates huge demand to link a high-speed rail to the center of the country and to Eliat.

The new residents will come from young families looking for a home of their own, and Jews from the West escaping antisemitism once and for all.

This leads to an agricultural boom in Gaza. Once again, every European will be bursting at the seams from cherry tomatoes. All of the farming activity in the Negev will make Be’er Sheva a world center for AgTech solutions.

Sinai also borders Gaza and it needs water. Home to the birthplace of our nationhood, our Covenant with God, and part of the final borders of the Land of Israel, it’s a vast landmass that, according to Egyptian farmers, is ideally suitable for growing wheat, barley, dates, olives, pomegranates, and figs.

You can’t make this up!

Why should the Middle East be handcuffed to Russia for its daily bread when we can do it locally?

Gas . . . Lot’s of it!

As is, we produce Natural Gas from the Tamar offshore field and send it to Egypt for processing and export to Europe. They make $8 billion a year off us and I can only imagine how much we make off of them.

There are similar oil and gas fields off the coast of Northern Egypt.

The waters of Gaza are in the middle.

Jewish Gaza would mine for, develop, and export massive amounts of Natural Gas to North Africa, Europe, and Turkey.

Gaza won’t be the Singapore of the Middle East. It will be the Galveston, Texas, of the region. Yonatan Medved will replace J.R. Ewing.

Beachfront and Beauty

In Netanya, there is housing for the people. They live anywhere from 300 meters inland right up to the number two highway a few kilometers west.

For tourists, there are a string of fancy hotels. For the wealthy, another string of high-end luxury apartment buildings.

Image it: The Trump Plaza Hotel of Gush Katif.

Wherever we aren’t pumping water, we are pumping cash with a vibrant and robust luxury and tourist industry. We can set up a marina for private boats. Tons of restaurants. Nature reserves. Stadiums with entertainment and sporting events.

Maccabi Gaza, anyone?

Commerce and Co-Existence

With so much money coming in from energy, water, real estate, and tourism, we can section off a third of the strip for business and office towers. We can build a university. We can open up another high-tech park.

How about expanding this to a post-Abraham vision?

If Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Qatar are so enthusiastic about rebuilding Gaza, why don’t we let them? What if Saudi Arabia and the Emirates cofounded our research centers?

What if our university gave scholarships and discounted tuition to people living in the region?

What if there were medical research departments funded by Bahrain, Saudi, and Morroco that sent their best minds to work with ours?

A team of doctors in Gaza, hailing from Riyad, Beitar Illit, and Abu Dhabi, can win the Nobel Prize for medicine with their cure for cancer.

The possibilities are endless.

Ir Shimshon

God protects the Jewish People. Torah learning is our great defense.

There will be religious neighborhoods. Every other street with have a Beit Knesset. Every neighborhood a Beit Medrash.

There will be a chief Rabbi of Gaza. There will be Chabad Houses throughout the Strip.

But everyone will choose how to live his or her life.

When MBS comes to visit he will have to explain to every Chabadnik that he won’t put on tefillin because he is the king of Ishmael.

In which the kind-hearted hassid would likely reply, “It’s okay. At least your father is Jewish.”

That’s my dream of Gaza. A million people. Seven hundred thousand Jews living peacefully among three hundred thousand Muslims who identify either as Gazans or as Arabs . . . nothing more.

The benefit to the State of Israel, the Jewish People, our region, and the entire world would be immense.