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The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA, pronounced “un-ruh”) is a corrupt, Jew-hating, anti-American United Nations terrorist training institution. Under the guise of “humanitarian aid” and “education of children,” this satanic agency, comprised substantially of terrorists, murderers, and their supporters has schooled Arab children for 75 years to hate and murder Jews — ever since Israel’s founding in 1948. UNRWA is singularly responsible, more than any other Agent of Satan, for the Gazan Arab effort in perpetuity to destroy Israel.

Let us be clear. On the most intense day imaginable in Israel’s war against Hamas, Israel has not done anything even remotely comparable to what America and its European allies did to Dresden, Germany on one of their most intense days. Nor has Israel, in all its defensive wars combined, done anything remotely comparable to what America did — justifiably — in one single day in Nagasaki or in Hiroshima. Yet, today, Germans are closely allied with America. So are Japanese. All are real allies. How in the world did the Germans and Japanese ever forgive America for bombing their brains out?

Education. Childhood education. Teen education. Adult education. That is the magic: educating people.

Why is it that Americans through the past century, until the current era of college misfits, always opposed socialism and Communism? Education.

Why did the public in the former Soviet Union, by contrast, stand for Communism? Partly because they feared that Stalin otherwise would shoot them or starve them to death. But in greater measure because they were taught to believe that garbage: Education.

And why do so many in China support the Communism that destroys their individuality and leaves them with so much less freedom and possibilities than we enjoy? Education.

And why do so many hundreds of thousands of Iranians march in support of terror and jihad and bloodlust? Education.

And what is going wrong at Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and Penn . . . and at Haifa U. (where Arabs comprise half the student body) and Tel Aviv U. and Ben-Gurion U.? Education.

When you take children and subject them to indoctrination, by golly it works. We in the West are no better in DNA than anyone else. If you subject our brightest kids to a Socialist / Communist / Hate Israel curriculum beginning in first grade and running through college final year, then they will come out as brainwashed as anyone else. The only places where 90 percent of the people think alike are at liberal universities or in a Putin or Ayatollah election.

Education matters. It has been the great crime of conservative leadership — the whole Likud universe in Israel and the Republicans in America — that they have allowed the whole Left to seize control of our schools for half a century.

The failure to educate properly will destroy American and also would destroy Israel if she were not protected by the eternal Divine assurance there will not be a Third Churban, if we don’t watch out and take back our schools from kindergarten through college. We need only look at what the UNRWA has done in Gaza and in the Arab parts of Judea and Samaria (the so-called “Palestine Authority”) to see how satanic education poisons.

For 75 years since Israel was founded, UNRWA has been leveraging toxic textbooks and teachers to inculcate a murderous hate of Jews into the children under their care. Those kids grow up determined to murder Jews, acting as “Shahids” (martyrs destined for heaven and the 72 virgins) or to support those who do it. Females aspire to birth many shahids and later celebrate when their kids blow themselves up with suicide bombs. These are a people with a Culture of Death. That is the first generation of UNRWA education. Then UNRWA created a second generation of that. And then a third generation.

When I grew up in America, there were only two Peoples who had a culture of death: Klingons and Romulans. At least, those were Star Trek fictions. To which may be added: UNRWA graduates in Gaza. Beam them down, Scottie — not to their tunnels, but beam them down below their tunnels to their eternal destiny.

Is there any surprise that the wards of the UNRWA have grown to slaughter women and children, behead babies — as many as 40 babies in one nursery room — put live babies in ovens to bake them alive, cut fetuses out of the bodies of living pregnant mothers and then stab the mothers and babies to death?

UNRWA literally has dehumanized them into animals. Again: they are “pere Adam,” animals, sub-human. (See B’reishit/Genesis 16:12.) Even Hitler did not do that.

What human being puts a living baby in an oven or cuts a fetus out of a living woman?

-Indeed, why is the United Nations running refugee camps for people who claim to be living in their own land?

-If Gaza really is their land, how can they be “refugees” there?

-And why is the United States bankrolling these camps when wealthy Arab oil sheikhdoms barely contribute?

It has always been thus. Makes no sense. And yet Americans put up with it — including every single Republican president except for one, the only one strong enough and brave enough to say “NO.” Yes, Trump.

According to U.N. records, the United States now finances more than one-third of the cost of operating the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Congress has the purse strings. Republicans control Congress. Please explain the disconnect.

In 2000, for example, the United States pledged $89,560,000 towards the $337,014,742 total that UNRWA raised from all nations and sources in the world. By comparison, Saudi Arabia pledged $2,500,000–less than 1 percent of the UNRWA total and a minuscule fraction of the American contribution. Oil-rich Kuwait pledged $2 million. Syria pledged $37,209. Egypt pledged $10,000. Iraq and Libya apparently had difficult years; they pledged nothing, although Iraq sends bounties of $25,000 each to the families of suicide bombers.

And now? Here are some of the U.N.’s 2022 numbers:

Donor Contribution US$ *

USA 343,937,718

Germany 202,054,285

EU 114,199,150

Sweden 60,969,987

Norway 34,180,677

Japan 30,152,202

France 28,909,838

S. Arabia 27,000,000

Switzerland 25,534,028

Turkey 25,199,080

Canada 23,713,560

Netherlands 21,189,038

UK 21,158,281

Italy 18,033,970

Denmark 15,885,970

Australia 13,797,995

Spain (including Regional Governments) ** 13,592,803

Belgium (including Government of Flanders) 12,558,653

Kuwait (including Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development) 12,000,000

Qatar 10,500,000

Why does the United States give 34 times the amount Kuwait and Qatar do? Or 13 times the amount of Saudi Arabia? And where are all the other Arab countries on the list? What do they know that Americans, the Germans, and the European Union are too foolish to grasp?

The UNRWA is a subsidiary of the United Nations. Its commissioner-general, appointed by the U.N. secretary-general, is the only head of a United Nations body authorized to report directly to the General Assembly.

The UNRWA was founded by Resolution 302(IV) of December 8, 1949, and to this day remains unique within the world body as a relief agency assigned to serve only one class of people. All the world’s other refugees are lumped together and served by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

UNHCR serves the needs of more than 35 million refugees in 135 countries ranging from the Balkans, Colombia, West Africa, and Chechnya to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Timor, and the Horn of Africa. By contrast, Arabs in Gaza and Judea-Samaria alone are under the aegis of the UNRWA.

Antisemitism, anybody?

Locally recruited “Palestinian refugees” make up 99 percent of UNRWA’s staff in the 58 "refugee" camps that UNRWA operates in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and Judea and Samaria (which the Arab world calls “the West Bank”). The majority of UNRWA camps and nearly 60 percent of their residents are in the three Arab countries, the remainder in the areas administered by Mahmoud Abbas’s “Palestinian Authority.” According to the UNRWA, it is the main provider of basic social services in all those camps.

Miraculously, for a people who have been living in the same place for decades upon decades, the number of these “refugees” grows each year. Can someone define the term? They live in the land they claim is theirs. (It isn’t.) And yet they present as “refugees.” That’s like saying that Naftali Bennett is a refugee in Ra’anana or Ron Huldai is a refugee in Tel Aviv.

So these Arabs are not even refugees. At most, they are the [great]grandchildren of refugees, if that. At that rate, I am a refugee from Poland and Russia (as a grandson of refugees from the Tsar). Which U.N. agency is out there to support me and the other 5 million American Jewish refugees from the tsar? Or the 250,000 American Sephardic Jewish refugees from Ferdinand, Isabella, and the Inquisition?

And all the refugees in America, now in 2024, from the Irish potato famine? And from Italy’s, Germany’s, and Poland’s political upheavals? Instead of calling itself a “country of immigrants,” Americans should denominate the population as “refugees” and all apply to UNRWA for cash, or at least a refund on our annual $344 million. Trump? A refugee from Germany. Biden? A refugee from Ireland. Kamala Harris? A refugee from India. (Obama? Uh, let’s not go there.)

The UNRWA’s largest budget item is its school system, comprising 58 percent of its budget and some two-thirds of its staff. We now know, despite Wikipedia's valiant efforts to call it a controversy and cliam it is alleged - that at least ten percent of that staff — 1,200 staffers are associated with Hamas, 190 are active terrorists, and many were involved in the October 7 massacres and seizing of hostages.

In all, the UNRWA operates 706 schools with 543,000 students. Of them, 380 schools with 340,000 students in Gaza and the “Palestine Authority” in Judea and Samaria. Under the UNRWA’s auspices, the number of “Palestinian” refugees it serves has grown from 914,000 in 1950 to more than 5.9 million today. Thus, the overwhelming majority of its population are the children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of those who first were placed in UNRWA camps in 1950. That means, in plain English, they do not even meet the U.N. definition of “refugees.”

Between 1947 and 1950, approximately 900,000 Jewish refugees were driven from Arab countries in the Middle East. There was no United Nations agency ready to serve their health, educational, and social needs. So they were absorbed directly into the Israeli polity, and their offspring bear no indicia of refugee status. Today they comprise leaders of Israel and are absorbed into the country’s citizenry.

Throughout the current Hamas-Gaza War, these Arab “refugee camps” under United Nations auspices have emerged as terror centers where Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and related terrorists ran wild, stocking arms, building bomb-making factories, drilling 500 miles of underground terror tunnels with aid money, and recruiting and training children educated at UNRWA schools to detonate themselves. And the American taxpayer is the chief bankroller.

It is unfathomable that America continues pumping hundreds of millions into a U.N. program that has institutionalized dependency among four generations of Arabs — while the oil princes barely contribute. It is remarkable, too, that the refugees and their descendants are still living in squalor half a century after the helping hand first was extended. Does any of this make any sense? Why do Westerners throw away all those tax dollars?

Anyone? Anyone?

Now, in the face of the most recent revelations about UNRWA’s direct involvement in the October 7 massacres, the United States and a host of other countries including but not limited to the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Finland, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Switzerland, and New Zealand have suspended their UNRWA payments. That is not enough. They need toterminate — not just “suspend” those payments and cut off UNRWA immediately. It will be more humane to cut off UNRWA funding than to continue funding their schools that teach children to cut off people’s heads.

Adapted by the writer for Arutz Sheva from a version of this article that first appeared here in The American Spectator.

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