Honoring parents
Honoring parentsצילום: ISTOCK
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We pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded and Hashem's protection for the soldiers and citizens of Israel.

אנו מתפללים להחלמה מהירה של הפצועים ולשמירתם של ה' על חיילי ואזרחי ישראל.

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Parashat Yitro

Presented By: Rav Moshe Davis Written by: Nir Shaul

In Parashat Yitro, the "Ten Commandments" were given to Am Yisrael.


1. Why is honouring parents listed as part of the first five commandments?

2. Why is the reward : length of days in the Land of Israel?

Honoring parents
Honoring parentsEYY


1. Honoring parents is a Divine mitzva, therefore the reward is expressed in G-d’s Land and within His nation.

2. Honoring parents stems from recognizing one’s roots and Am Yisrael’s national roots have been in the Land.

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Mishna Keilim 1:6

Presented By: Avrum Leeder Written by: Yehuda Gold

The Mishna states that there are ten levels of holiness and the Land of Israel is the holiest.


Why does the Mishna express the holiness of the Land of Israel by the fact that the Omer, Bikurim, and Two Loaves are brought only from it?


Holiness is expressed in mitzvot and Halakha in practical and mandatory behaviors. The fact that these mitzvot are unique to the Land, indicates that the Land possesses a unique reality where there is no other place comparable to it.

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