Empty classroom
Empty classroomAvshalom Sassoni/Flash 90

Despite the fact that the Home Front Command on Thursday eased the guidelines for residents of communities located near the border with the Gaza Strip, the Ministry of Education clarified that, even though the guidelines allow for a return to schools on Sunday of next week, this will not happen anytime soon.

The principal of a high school in the region told Kan 11 News on Thursday evening, "We will not be returning soon, I will not take the risk. The parents will not allow a return either because there is no satisfactory answer."

The Home Front Command announced earlier a change in the defense policy in the area near the Gaza border, with the exception of several localities.

As part of the changes, gatherings of 100 people in an open space and 300 people in a closed space will be permitted, and will educational activities, including schools and kindergartens, in a place from which it is possible to reach a standard protected area when needed.

The changes will be possible in the communities near the Gaza border, with the exception of ten communities where 50 people will be permitted to gather in an open area, and 100 people in a closed area.

The ten towns are: Nirim, Kerem Shalom, Nir Oz, Kissufim, Ein HaShlosha, Sufa, Holit, Netiv HaAsara, Kfar Aza and Nahal Oz.

The Municipality of Sderot issued a statement that read, "The Municipality of Sderot is studying the directives of the Home Front Command and is awaiting approval of the government's outline to allow residents to choose whether to stay in the city or to remain outside of Sderot until the month of July with state funding. In addition, the approval and budgeting of the defense establishment is required for the security components required to open the educational frameworks."