Rafah Crossing between Egypt and Gaza
Rafah Crossing between Egypt and GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Sources familiar with the details of negotiations between Israel and Egypt on the Philadelphi Route have said that the sides are nearing an agreement, Galei Zahal reported.

Egypt and Israel are currently discussing the matter of how the Philadelphi Route, which runs near the Gaza-Egypt border, will be controlled after the war with Hamas has ended.

According to the report, Israel has promised Egypt that it will not operate in the area of Rafah before allowing the large number of civilians - about a million people - to evacuate the area, so as to reduce the risk to the wave of Gazans leaving for Egypt.

It has not yet been decided where Israel will evacuate the population to. The two options currently under consideration are Khan Yunis and northern Gaza.

Regarding the matter of controlling the Philadelphi route, Israel is expected to have "some influence" on what happens on it, but will not have a regular physical presence along the route.

However, Israel will be able to observe the route using technological means.