IDF forces who entered an area where Hamas leader Yahyah Sinwar had stayed found a document with instructions on exerting pressure on Israel.

The first paragraph of the document reads: “Distribute pictures and videos of the hostages, due to the psychological pressure they create.”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was singled out in the document, with instructions saying: “Do everything possible to increase psychological pressure on Gallant.”

The document also instructs “Keep spreading the message that Netanyahu is responsible for what has happened” and “Damage the Israeli narrative that claims that the ground offensive helps secure the return of hostages.”

A security source commented that Sinwar is hiding in the tunnels, presumably along with other leaders of Hamas, and they are continually moving from place to place and keeping close to the hostages to protect themselves.

This evening, it was published that in the past few days, the IDF has advanced a kilometer in battles underground, while killing terrorists in many engagements. The IDF believes that Hamas was not prepared for Israeli forces to undertake significant combat inside the tunnels and noted that the IDF is advancing far faster through the tunnels than it had at first.

The security source claimed that the IDF has defeated two battalions in the Khan Younis region, and added that the IDF is close to defeating another battalion, to which the remainders of the first two had fled.