Golders Green, Archive
Golders Green, ArchiveReuters

London Metropolitan Police and the local Shomrim chapter have detained an individual wielding a knife near a grocery store in the Jewish community of Golders Green in London, England.

The suspect reportedly drew a knife and jabbed at staff and customers outside Kay’s Kosher after reportedly having “an argument regarding Palestine.”

Shomrim volunteers managed to convince the suspect to leave the supermarket. He entered a house across the street and changed clothes, and was tackled by Shomrim volunteers and Metropolitan Police officers as he later emerged.

The Community Security Trust, a charity that protects British Jews from antisemitism and related threats, thanked the police for “their swift response” and urged the community to “remain vigilant and alert.”

The incident comes as part of a rising trend of antisemitism in the Golders Green region of London since the October 7th massacre.

Shortly after the massacre, the windows of the "Pita" restaurant in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Golders Green in northern London were broken, while an overpass a few meters away was vandalized with graffiti reading "Free Palestine".

In December, the office of a pro-Israel Tory Member of the British Parliament was targeted in an arson attack. MP Mike Freer also revealed that following the arson, he received a threatening email telling him that he was “the kind of person who deserved to be set alight.”

London has also seen numerous marches proclaiming solidarity with the residents of Gaza and praising the massacre.