EJA chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News to summarize the EJA conference in Poland.

‘’Antisemitism has increased by as much as one thousand percent in Europe since October 7th. Jews are living in fear. Gathering the European leaders here today sends a strong message that Europe is ready to be much more serious in the fight against antisemitism.’’

Rabbi Margolin called for the leaders to take up the cause immediately. ‘’These leaders are the decision-makers, the ones running the countries. They could make sure that no one can express antisemitism or incitement. All that is left is for them to realize that Never Again is now.’’

He cautioned against the comparisons between the Nazis and Hamas. “Hamas hates us no less than the Nazis, but still, the Holocaust stands alone. Regardless, the most important thing now is that everyone fights antisemitism.”

He called on the people of Israel to strengthen their faith. “To my brethren in Israel - strengthen your faith and believe that God Almighty is with us, and we will rise above all challenges.”