Through the Smiling Soldier Project, Menachem Geisinsky captures the essence of Israeli soldiers through his photography. Combining his passion for photography and his love for Israel and its soldiers, Menachem embarked on this project two years ago.

Initially, Menachem would casually take pictures of soldiers relaxing and unwinding. However, when war broke out in Israel, the project took on a much more serious tone. Menachem traveled extensively throughout Israel, visiting military bases and taking snapshots of both female and male soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The result of Menachem's efforts is nothing short of incredible. He has captured over 15,000 soldiers, and each photograph tells a unique story. Menachem has taken the time to get to know the soldiers behind each picture, and when you speak with him, it becomes evident that he considers this project to be his "baby."

According to Menachem, there are two wars being fought simultaneously. One is on the ground in Gaza, where military actions are taking place, and the other is on social media. Through his photographs, Menachem aims to show the world the true essence of IDF soldiers – their pride, inspiration, strength, and glory.

The Smiling Soldiers Project serves as a platform for showcasing the men and women who dedicate themselves to protecting Israel. Menachem's photographs reveal the human side of the IDF, portraying soldiers in more relaxed moments rather than focusing solely on the hardships they face.

Ultimately, Menachem hopes that by sharing these images, he can convey to the world the qualities that make IDF soldiers a source of pride, inspiration, strength, and glory for Israel.

Menachem collaborates officially with the IDF.