Rocket launchers discovered in youth club
Rocket launchers discovered in youth clubIDF spokesperson

Israel's defense echelon estimates that Hamas' rocket supply has dwindled significantly, and currently stands at just a few hundred, Israel Hayom reported.

At the start of the war, Hamas was believed to possess about 20,000 rockets and mortars, most of them short-range. In the first four hours of the October 7 attack, Hamas fired 3,000 rockets and mortars towards Israel. In total, over the course of the war, around 9,000 rockets crossed into Israeli territory.

It is estimated that many of the rockets fired by terror groups fell within Gaza, and therefore the number of rockets used is over 9,000. In addition, IDF operations have significantly reduced the supply of rockets which the terror groups still hold.

The IDF's search for rockets is still ongoing, and the IDF continues to destroy both rockets and rocket launchers. In northern Gaza, which most IDF forces have exited, the IDF continues to destroy both rockets and launchers. In recent days, the IDF has operated in an area from which rockets were fired this week towards Gaza border towns, and rocket launchers were discovered. It was also reported that the IDF located rocket launchers in an olive grove.

Meanwhile, the IDF is also working to locate rockets and launchers remaining in Gaza, after they are used to fire towards Israel. In one instance, after a barrage was fired towards Netivot, the IDF destroyed the launchers used to fire the barrage.

Due to the dramatic decrease in the number of rockets still held by the terror group, the rocket fire towards Israel has dramatically decreased. In order to further reduce Hamas' abilities to manufacture rockets during the fighting, and reduce the ability to fire rockets on the "day after" the war ends, the IDF is focusing on locating the rocket manufacturing sites.

It was also reported that the IDF noted that in order to further reduce the rocket fire in the future, there is no choice other than to find a solution for Rafah and the Philadelphia Route, in order to prevent Hamas from rebuilding its rocket supply and other weapons.