Dr. Alon Pauker
Dr. Alon PaukerArutz Sheva

Dr. Alon Pauker, a member of Kibbutz Be’eri, spoke to Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about joining the nationwide call for unity.

"There is destruction in the kibbutz, but it has not been destroyed – it will be rebuilt. This is the good news that needs to come out of here," says Dr. Fauker. "After all, October 7th did not happen by chance. It is the culmination of a process both with us and our monstrous enemies. They took advantage of an internal situation that we had. The call should emerge from Be’eri. Be’eri is the role model because the most all-encompassing carnage happened here."

As part of the signing of the Genesis Treaty at Kibbutz Be’eri, Dr. Pauker talks about taking the required collective responsibility and the task of shaping a respectful and cherished discourse. “The Jewish People, as we know them, are a nation of endless abilities. His politics did not run him well. We are all responsible for a different political discourse, and if it works on utilizing our civil capacities, along with insisting on a way of compromise on the main issues, we will know how to get out of this crisis."

Pauker believes that the time has come to ask for the voter's trust and go to elections. " From the beginning, we said, 'We will wait,' but we can see that this is not going to be a short-term process. I think that minister and former IDF general, Gadi Eisenkot, put it correctly – in a democracy, the most important thing is the people's trust in the leadership. Right now, I don't think that there is a reasonable level of trust. This is the government that abandoned us on October 7th. If someone thinks they should be given a renewed mandate, so do it, but the leadership should ask for it."

In conclusion, Dr. Pauker referred to the urgency of bringing the hostages home. "Five of our kibbutz members are still in Gaza. A month ago, there were eleven, and one after the other we were notified that they had been murdered. So, the matter of the hostages is still driving us crazy. I said it three days after the attack, this community must not lose a single nail from its toe, and here another one is murdered, and another is murdered. It is very depressing, and the solution must be immediate. The second thing is that we must focus on community building, as much as possible."