Caught Ammunition
Caught AmmunitionPolice Spokesman

A reserve soldier was arrested tonight (Thursday) after teaming up with several others to sell weapons found in the Gaza battlegrounds.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the police conducted an investigation in recent weeks into an affair known as the "grenade segment," after they received information from an official in one of the security forces, about a reserve service soldier, who had access to weapons and war loot in Gaza, and together with other suspects, offered to sell weapons with lethal capabilities such as RPG shoulder slings, explosive devices, Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, and smoke grenades.

The Police central unit and special district patrol units have been carrying out undercover activity over the past few weeks, following the suspects, and tracing the line of communication they had created with criminals, through which they offered to sell them their wares.

Tonight, after collecting the evidence, an order was given to arrest them, before they were able to make their transactions, to thwart their activities and prevent the transfer of the ammunition to the criminals.

After the suspects were arrested, their homes were searched, and a shoulder strap, two Kalashnikov rifles, standard explosive devices, spray and smoke grenades, additional anti-tank ammunition, and approximately NIS 100,000 in cash were seized.

In addition, two vehicles were seized which were allegedly used by the suspects for their activities.

The suspects, who are residents of the center and the south in their 20s and 30s, were interrogated throughout the night at the central unit in the Lachish district, on suspicion of the offenses of theft, trafficking and carrying illegal weapons, looting war booty and criminal conspiracy.

The suspects have been brought before the Ashkelon Magistrates Court with a request to extend their arrest.

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