Christian Allies Caucus celebrates 20 years
Christian Allies Caucus celebrates 20 yearsCourtesy

The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) marked 20 years in a ceremony held at the Knesset on Tuesday. Hosted by KCAC Co-Chairs MK Yuli Edelstein and MK Sharren Haskel, the anniversary event was attended by international Christian leaders and supporters, many of whom traveled to Israel for the gathering in a powerful show of solidarity.

“Today is not a celebration but a commemoration of something that happened in this building 20 years ago: the start of faith-based diplomacy,” said KCAC Director Josh Reinstein in his opening words. “Today everybody understands the importance of Christian support for Israel.”

The KCAC, founded in 2004, currently includes 18 Members of Knesset from five different political parties. The anniversary event highlighted the political, diplomatic, and financial support for Israel from bible-believing Christians, and the power of their alliance particularly during wartime.

Ahead of the event, KCAC Co-Chair MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud) noted that the “staunch support Israel has received from Christian legislators in governments around the world—not only during the war—but also in advocating for Israel throughout the years, is truly powerful.”

“We struggle on the battlefield in Gaza, in the North, and in the battlefield of the media, but looking at this room, I know that Israel has true friends around the world,” said KCAC Co-Chair MK Sharren Haskel (National Unity) to the large crowd of Christian leaders, friends and supporters.

Haskel also turned to Yarden Gonen—sister of 23-year-old Romi Gonen currently held hostage in Gaza—and honored her attendance, sharing words of strength and promise to help bring her sister back home.

Event participants heard from the attending caucus members as well, which included MKs Ohad Tal (Religious Zionist Party), Dan Illouz (Likud), Tatiana Mazarsky (Yesh Atid), Amit Halevi (Likud), Matan Kahana (National Unity), Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionist Party) and Moshe Tur-Paz (Yesh Atid).

MK Tur-Paz—who has been serving in the IDF reserves alongside his Knesset duties—said, “After three months in the reserves, it is clear that the main thing is our spirit. Spirit is a powerful thing. As it is written in the book of Numbers, 32:6, ‘Moses said to the sons of Gad and the sons of Reuben, “Shall your brothers go to war while you stay here?”’ You—our friends from the Christian world—have come here and are here with us, and this truly strengthens our spirit, and for that, we thank you!”

MK Rothman recited Psalm 140 as a prayer for the fallen IDF soldiers in Gaza that morning, saying: "As you heard, the word Hamas was mentioned three times in the psalm and for good reason. All the evil in the world is described by the word ‘Hamas’ in Hebrew. The support we receive from our friends around the world who understand very well the importance of the battle we are facing today, choose to stand by the State of Israel, on the side of good. This is essential for us and for the entire world."

Featured speakers also included Lena Shtern, Founder of the Yuri Shtern Holistic Center and wife of the late MK Dr. Yuri Shtern who established the caucus in 2004 with the assistance of Josh Reinstein; Rev. Peter Fast, International CEO of Bridges for Peace; and ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler.

Speaking passionately and from the heart, Bühler urged the crowd, “We need to mobilize our churches to go out to the street and show this tiny nation here that there are millions and millions of believers who are standing with the nation of Israel. We need to stop political correctness and we do need to make a bold confession for the nation of Israel.”

The event concluded with a presentation of gratitude to the KCAC by March of Life Founder & President, Jobst Bittner and his wife Charlotte, thanking the caucus for its continued efforts in strengthening faith-based diplomacy.