Colonel Elad Edri
Colonel Elad EdriIDF

Soldiers from the Home Front Command rescue brigade were rushed to the disastrous building collapse in Gaza in which 21 soldiers were killed.

Upon their arrival, they held a situational assessment and began searching for and attempting to rescue victims, along with the national rescue unit, the 143rd company, the Oketz canine unit, and the 669 pararescue unit.

The rescue brigade commander, Colonel Elad Edri, recounted: “We were alerted of the tragedy in which two buildings collapsed on soldiers operating within the Gaza Strip due to an explosion. The first ones to arrive were the 669 pararescue unit, and shortly thereafter the rescue brigade, with the goal of finding and extricating the many victims from the rubble.”

“The brigade is trained and ready for this kind of event, and we are ready to provide any response necessary for other incidents.”