USAF veteran joins search at massacre site
USAF veteran joins search at massacre siteIDU

The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit specializing in working dogs, was recently joined on its continuing mission to locate remains of the October 7th massacre by Melissa, a USAF veteran with more than a decade of experience in military working dog operations throughout the world.

Along with assisting in the search effort in the Gaza region, Melissa has contributed a new dog to the search effort. Whiskey is a highly trained working dog that has been taught how to find human remains even after a considerable amount of time has passed, including bones.

Melissa and Whiskey joined search operations in and around towns attacked by Hamas on October 7th and found evidence to be passed on to the relevant authorities.

The IDU said in a statement: “Neither our volunteers nor our dogs are giving up. We are determined to complete our task, with as much patience and time as necessary. We all share the pain of the missing and the hostages.”