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"The Mighty People" - "Shaeb Al-Jabarin" is a phrase coined by the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, who, in his time, described the resilience and steadfastness of the "Palestinians" against the might of the IDF, in his speeches, full of pathos. The expression continues to be embraced by Arabs, their tribes, and parties in the PLO such as "Fatah" and "Hamas", even at this time.

Given the prevalence of this expression, which is often mentioned in the Arab media by Arab leaders, commentators, and other supporters of terrorism since the outbreak of the war in Gaza on October 7th, it is recommended to broadcast it around the world in a proactive and funded manner, with an emphasis on channels that appeal to the Arab audience, human rights organizations and the dubious International Court of Justice In Hague, the image of the Arab human savages - the murderers of the children, the kidnappers of the elderly, the rapists, the sadists, the pedophiles and the necrophiles, whose actions brought "honor and pride" to the "Palestinian" Arabs who went out to celebrate in the streets, when the magnitude of our disaster became known. A public of savages who, despite their tremendous destruction as a result of their deeds, continues to glorify, praise, and especially support the murder of Jews throughout their cities and villages in Judea and Samaria, as in all Arab countries (including those with which we have a peace agreement), whenever they are asked and required on the matter.

Israel must speak clearly in both internal and external discourse and convey a single message: this is not a people deserving recognition and rights because they are an assortment of tribes and Arab factions, lacking historical and national symbols, even if they try to engrave it forcefully on their flag with the gallons of Jewish blood. They are a subgroup of Arabs, descendants of Ishmael, appropriately named as in the Bible (Genesis 16:12): "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren." Their "honor" is not acknowledged even in Arab and Muslim countries themselves. They do everything in their power to prevent their migration and integration into their territories and therefore hold them in refugee camps such as in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, fortify their borders like Egypt, or provide assistance from afar just to avoid accepting any refugee in need, such as Jordan - which might turn into Palestine one day, whether they like it or not.

The widespread support for Hamas among the Arab population in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, especially after October 7, as mentioned in a survey conducted by the Arab pollster Shakaki, alongside the horrific acts committed against Jews, illustrates the unbridgeable gap. Just as we cannot reconcile with the actions of the Nazis and their collaborators, they must be pursued and held accountable until they die, even 80 years after Nazi Germany was defeated.

Public Opinion Poll No(90) Taken from- Palestinian Center for POLICY and SURVEY RESEARCH- Survey Research Unit,13 December 2023.

The image of the Bibas family's children held by their mother while being kidnapped to Gaza by Hamas, recalls the picture of the murder of the mother holding her child in Ukraine in 1942, just before being killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust. As we remember the horrors of the Holocaust, we cried out at every memorial ceremony and witness tour - "Never again!" It is our duty to fulfill the moral obligation: whoever harms mothers and their babies, symbolizing dignity, purity, and innocence, is not worthy of walking the earth and breathing the air meant for human beings. Whoever brutally kidnaps and physically abuses the elderly, who could be their grandparents, knowing that they are sick and likely to die, is a disgraceful individual not deserving an ounce of mercy. Whoever intentionally murders children first, inflicts severe torture, and perpetrates horrific abuse against families with children, women, and innocent citizens of all ages, represents the embodiment of sub-humanity that must be eradicated along with its collaborators and supporters.

Were there leaders in Israel to understand this before October 7? There is no room for negotiation, assistance, or consideration for a population that praises murderers thirsty for Jewish blood. Those who encourage their youth to harm Jews just because they are Jews, seeing these atrocities as acts of heroism worthy of celebration in squares near victory statues, and even receiving lifelong salary payments (pay for slay)! Is there anyone with "enlightenment" in our world who views the kidnapping, rape, and murder of girls and children as heroic acts, except for the Palestinians expressing joy at every terrible attack? Is there anyone who believes that breaking into and massacring a school in the town of "Ma'alot", children on a bus near the "Avivim" northern village and a near a "Gush Katif" settlement, a restaurant, or a home where children sleep peacefully, can be considered acts of heroism if not executed against Jews? What kind of "mighty people" are those whose revered heroes murder toddlers, amputate limbs, and decapitate heads for the purpose of "entertainment" or trade, explode in a bus or a restaurant, rape, and murder of young women?

What kind of heroism is there in abducting old people, children, babies or three boys, exploding in a place where families with children and babies are dining in strollers or in a bus full of passengers of all genders? What kind of heroism is there in throwing a stone or a Molotov cocktail at a car in which a family is traveling?

Such atrocities have been perpetrated against Jews for many years worldwide and in Israel, even before its independence. Since the establishment of settlements in the Land, Arabs intensified their attacks against Jews, brutally attacking civilians in their homes, fields, and workplaces. It was so in the 1950s with the "Fedayeen", during the PLO's terrorist attacks in the 1970s, and continues today as Hamas surpasses its predecessors, receiving widespread support not only in Gaza but also in Judea, Samaria, Jordan, and other parts of the world, particularly in the wider Middle East.

For Arabs still living throughout the land of Israel "from the river to the sea", it should be made clear that their support for one of the terrorist organizations should result in their immediate removal from this land. Terrorist camps in Jenin, Tul Karem, Balata, and others should resemble the empty and desolate areas in the northern Gaza Strip these days.

The only way their support for one of the terrorist organizations will be possible is across the border, as far as possible, whether in Lebanon and Syria to the north or in the Jordanian-Palestinian confederation that will be established in the future. They can also register now for the upcoming Hajj in Mecca and stay there, being their place of origin as Arabs. It should be conveyed: "Peace of the Brave", as some leaders say, exists only in fairy tales, and even there it does not hold between a people desiring life and subhuman barbarians, devoid of conscience and thirsty for blood. When the prophesy of Isaiah will accrue and "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb"- Dear Lord, we rather be the wolf.

To the anti-Semites around the world who apparently will not be motivated away from pure hatred of Jews, who accuse Israel of oppressing the Arabs and therefore justify the acts of terrorism carried out on their part, it is recommended to ask some questions for in-depth clarification such as: why didn't Jews murder German toddlers and massacre Aryan students in Nazi schools? Why weren't trains, buses, ships, restaurants, and civilian clubs blown up throughout Germany in the "repression years" from 1933 until the end of World War II, why didn't similar things happen in Poland and Ukraine?

Where in the world do they understand acts of kidnapping, murder, and rape of children, old people, women, and innocent civilians held by a terrorist organization supported by UN member states, except Israel and Nigeria, where they have long since forgotten about "Boko Haram" (a Muslim terrorist organization as well). Worse than that - where in the world is there another country whose kidnapped citizens are just "around the corner", and which continues to provide the kidnappers and their supporters with supplies for a period longer than a hundred days of war, without precedent in human history?

In conclusion - Israel's leaders must behave according to the customs of the "neighborhood", otherwise they will guarantee us a long-term of confrontation with Hezbollah and Iran, the terrorist organizations in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip, and not inevitable in places inside Israel as well. Israel must continue its justified war even more vigorously until the goals of the war are achieved - the return of all the kidnapped and the elimination of all the terrorist organizations, and not just Hamas in Gaza.