Shira and Moshe Shapira
Shira and Moshe ShapiraYoav Dudkevitch

Shira and Moshe Shapira, parents of Aner Shapira, recounted their son’s heroism at the European Jewish Association Symposium in Krakow. In front of an audience representing hundreds of communities across the continent and including senior political figures from 25 European countries, they told how Aner held the entrance to a bomb shelter and threw Hamas grenades back at the terrorists.

‘’On October 7th, Aner was at the Nova Festival celebrating love and peace. When he heard the terrorists approaching, he stood at the entrance of the shelter and resolved that no one would come in. He threw back grenade after grenade until the eighth one exploded in his hand.’’

‘’The terrorists ended up coming in and killing everyone. This is a terrible time for the Jewish people, but through these difficult times, we do not despair, we hope. We hope for a future in which the Jewish people will find redemption in our land.’’

‘’It was his conscience that made him fight back, without receiving any orders. In the face of evil and cruelty, it is our duty to to take a strong stance of light and morality.’’

‘’Aner left a whole life of generosity, morality, and pursuit of justice, a born leader and a good friend to those around him.’’