Gaza-Egypt border
Gaza-Egypt borderAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Diaa Rashwan, Chairman of Egypt's State Information Service, warned on Monday that a move by Israel to capture the Philadelphi Corridor along the Gaza-Egypt border may lead to a "severe and serious" threat to the relations between the two countries.

Approximately a week ago the Wall Street Journal reported that Israel notified Egypt of intentions to begin a military operation along the corridor.

The military operation would likely include removing Gazan officials from crossing points and placing Israeli forces along the border area.

WSJ noted that such an operation would deal "a strategic blow" to Hamas, by allowing Israel to block the terror group's tunnels in the area, limit the flow of weapons, prevent terrorists from crossing the border into Egypt, and remove Hamas' control over the crossing.

The report also noted that Egypt rejected an Israeli proposal to station Israeli security personnel on the Egyptian side of the border for joint patrols with Egypt, claiming that such a move would be a breach of Egyptian sovereignty.