Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef visiting the base
Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef visiting the baseCourtesy

Amid fears of a war in northern Israel, Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef on Monday visited the Haifa Naval Base.

The servicemen and women gathered in the base's new synagogue to listen to Torah insights from the rabbi.

During the lesson, Rabbi Yosef gave words of encouragement and mentioned the story of the book of Joshua: "During the conquest of Jericho, an angel appeared to him (Joshua) and told him that he came because of they weren't studying the Torah. We see from here that war needs both the military might of the brave soldiers and the spiritual might of those who study Torah."

He added: "You the soldiers and commanders who stand here, don't become despondent, and be strong in your missions. You, the ones who fight in the sea, together with the Torah students on land, protect the people of Israel. We pray for your wellbeing, the ones who stand both on land and sea, G-d should give you success."

During the visit, the rabbi was honored with inaugurating the new synagogue which was opened on the base: "From the Depths I Call Out to You G-d." After inaugurating the synagogue and teaching the lesson, Rabbi Yosef prayed for the success of the soldiers, the safe return of the hostages, and the recuperation of the wounded.

The Chief Rabbi personally thanked the Rabbi of the Haifa Naval Base, Maj. Gen. Rabbi Yosef Menachem and the Rabbi of the Navy Rabbi Ofir Tubul, and wished them success.