The stolen vehicle
The stolen vehiclePolice spokesperson

Israel Police on Sunday night arrested a Palestinian Authority Arab from Ramallah, on suspicion of stealing a car from Jerusalem.

The Arab, age 16, was in pre-1967 Israel illegally.

During an operation against property crimes, police detectives in Jerusalem noticed a suspicious vehicle near the Hizma Crossing, traveling in the direction of Judea and Samaria.

A quick questioning of the vehicle's owner revealed that she had parked her vehicle beside her home, and it was stolen. At the same time, operational activity began, blocking the vehicle's exit paths.

The vehicle reached the blockaded area, and the suspect attempted to escape on foot. Police officers caught him following a short chase.

The suspect was arrested for crimes of illegal entry into pre-1967 Israel, vehicle theft, and driving without a driver's license. Following his interrogation, he was imprisoned.

He will be brought Monday for an extension of his arrest.