Ayala Metzger, the daughter-in-law of Yoram Metzger, who is being held in Hamas captivity, has revealed that his DNA was found in a tunnel that was uncovered by IDF troops in Khan Yunis.

"I understand that these were the tunnels where the guys from Nir Oz were, that my father-in-law was there," Metzger told Channel 12. "It shows that they were moved from there, which made me worry even more. I don't know where they were moved to. This is a group of elderly in a very bad state of health. I am very worried.

According to her, "I know they found their DNA there. Not blood, no harm, but clothes with DNA. I heard conversations between those who returned from captivity: 'Here, we saw our tunnel.' It is clear to all of us that they won't return alive. As much as we're pressuring them, soldiers aren't getting to the hostages alive."

She added that "there won't be 136 Entebbe-style rescue missions here, I hope everyone understands this. There was one operation, with Ori Megidish, who came home healthy and in one piece. Since then whoever came back without a deal was dead."

The tunnel was discovered by soldiers of the 98th Division. The length of the tunnel was about 830 meters and it was about 20 meters deep.

The entrance to the tunnel was booby-trapped, and inside it, there were many obstacles, explosives, sliding doors, and blast doors. While the soldiers were advancing through the tunnel, they encountered a number of terrorists. The soldiers fought against them and eliminated them. When the soldiers reached the tunnel, the hostages were already gone, as they were moved to another location.

As part of the examination of the tunnel, a central chamber where hostages were held and five-barred prison cells were discovered. In addition, the soldiers located findings that indicated that hostages had been held there, intelligence and weapons belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.