IDF forces discovered and dismantled long-range rocket launcherIDF

Guided by precise intelligence, the 646th Brigade and the 179th Brigade’s forces conducted a targeted raid on a weapons production site in the Zeitoun neighborhood, and in adjacent areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

While scanning the area, the forces located dozens of rocket production lines and weapons; workshops, rocket fuel production lines, warheads, rocket launching pits and explosive devices. The production lines were dismantled and the weapons were confiscated. With the chemical materials and gear that were confiscated by the forces, more than 800 rockets can be manufactured.

The rocket production process consists of several stages. Hamas chose to divide those stages and to carry them out in different locations in the area, in order to make their finding and dismantling difficult.

IDF spokesman said that "these targeted raids on weapons production sites cause a significant impact on Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s weapons production process."