Hamas hands over hostages to Red Cross
Hamas hands over hostages to Red CrossScreenshot

The International Committee of the Red Cross stated today (Thursday) that it will not distribute the medications brought into Gaza this week for the hostages held by Hamas or ensure that the medicines reach the people they are intended for.

This is after Mousa Abu Marzouq, a member of Hamas’ diplomatic arm, said that the Red Cross would be in charge of distributing the medicine.

"The mechanism that was agreed to does not involve the ICRC playing any part in its implementation, including the delivery of medication," the Red Cross stated.

It is unclear who, if anyone, is supposed to ensure that the medicine reaches the hostages.

The Red Cross has been criticized for its complete failure to visit or assist the hostages in any way since 240 people were kidnapped from southern Israel on October 7. The organization has even refused multiple requests from the families of several hostages to accept their loved one's medications and to make attempts to provide the medications to those who need them.

The medications entered the Gaza Strip last night (Wednesday) following a deal brokered by Qatar. Abu Marzouq claimed that for every box of medicine which was brought for the Israeli hostages, 1,000 boxes of medicine would be brought for the residents of the Gaza Strip.