is this a crime which warrants arrest?
is this a crime which warrants arrest?Rabbi Fairman

Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Fairman has been serving in the reserves at the Gaza border since the October 7 massacre. During his latest brief leave from active duty, he decided to visit the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, together with his three small children.

During the tour, Rabbi Fairman and his children, ages three to six, came to the western side of the mount to pray and take pictures. As they were walking up the steps, the three-year-old lay down on the stairs, causing the police to become involved.

Rabbi Fairman recounted, "I went home after dinner and went up to the Temple Mount with my three children, the oldest is six years old and the youngest is three years old. The little one was acting like a child, and when we got to the west side and were about to pray and wanted to take a picture, he lay down there on one of the steps, and when we left the mount we were informed that I was being detained together with the children under the suspicion that my son bowed."

All acts that could be interpreted as acts of praying or worship are forbidden to Jews on the Temple Mount under the guidelines of the Islamic Waqf.

Rabbi Fairman said that he is not sure if his youngest son even understands what happened, but all four were taken to a police station, where the father was warned that if such an incident happened again, the father would be arrested. "The officer told me that he prevented me from bowing in front of the east gate. I told him that he did not prevent me from bowing, but I myself did not bow after he made it clear to me that this was not permitted. He then said that my little three-year-old son bowed on the west side, which was clearly not true. I told him it was not true. After that, he warned me that the next time it happens I will be arrested."

He said that "in the middle of the visit, I asked the officer if he would allow me to bow. He turned on the camera and told me no, and indeed I did not bow. The conversation was short and respectful without argument."

In his opinion, the whole incident was nothing but unnecessary harassment against him. "This harassment came out of nowhere. I did not see this delusional thing coming," he said, wondering about "the very fact that a Jew is arrested on 'serious suspicion' of worshiping on the Temple Mount, the House of God, here in itself lies the greatest distortion. What is the problem with us being allowed to worship on the Temple Mount?"