IDF medical evacuation helicopter
IDF medical evacuation helicopterNoam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Directors of Israel's public hospitals have received a directive from the Ministry of Health to accept residents of the Gaza Strip and Lebanon who were wounded during the war.

The Health Ministry emphasized that "these wounded individuals were evacuated for humanitarian reasons and in accordance with diplomatic and military considerations, given the state's commitment to international laws and charters.

The letter explains that the evacuations would be carried out by the IDF as per the decision of the operational commander and a medical official on the battlefield.

It was explained to the directors how to evacuate and return the patient to Gaza after the treatment, "The process of evacuation is complex and entails a safe route, assistance from the Red Cross, available evacuation equipment, and an open passage from the Gaza Strip. The issue influences the evacuation time from the Gaza Strip to the hospital and from the hospital back to Gaza. It should be emphasized that the crossing is not open daily at this time and requires the patient to have full movement capabilities since they have to walk 1.5 kilometers, there is no vehicular transport from the crossing into the Gaza Strip."

In the same light, the directors were notified that "the need to reduce the danger to IDF soldiers and Red Cross teams, as well as opening the crossing, affects the duration of the return from the hospitals, preparations for the return from the hospital is estimated to take approximately 24 hours."

The letter concluded: "The distribution of humanitarian patients between hospitals is based on the urgency to reach treatment, the distribution of the load between hospitals, and the reception of additional patients at the same time. All hospitals are required to cooperate in the task in relation to the war."