Mrs. Blau’s
Mrs. Blau’sצילום: Blau family

The Jewish community is amazing, and when a woman tragically loses her husband, the support that pours forth is outstanding. However, there is an unfortunate caveat: When a woman gets divorced, there sometimes is a very different reaction. And for those on the receiving end, the sense of abandonment can be heartbreaking.

Rochel Blau is a single mom of eight children in Israel. She works tirelessly cleaning in other people's houses to bring in an income, but it's barely enough. She receives no alimony, and her children are all suffering. Click here to help>>>

Recently, she and her children even spent over a week without electricity when it was cut off due to unpaid bills, a fact Rochel painfully shares in a video appeal. Rochel is fighting to provide therapy for her kids, cover utility bills, and ensure they can continue their education. But the challenge has been overwhelming. Click here to help>>>

Now, this family is facing their darkest hour. They need our help. Please donate and show Rochel and her children that we are with them in this fight. Together, we can make sure that no matter what happens to them, these eight children will be taken care of.

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