Donald Trump (right) and Nikki Haley (left)
Donald Trump (right) and Nikki Haley (left)REUTERS

NBC reports that former President Donald Trump will enjoy another decisive victory in the New Hampshire Republican primaries next Tuesday.

New Hampshire will be the second state to hold primaries for the Republican party this year, following Trump's sweeping victory in Iowa.

According to the poll, Trump will win 50% of the votes in New Hampshire, with Nikki Haley taking a firm second at 34% and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 5%. A full 87% of voters said they were unlikely to change their minds before polls open.

Following the Iowa primaries, Nikki Haley declared that the Republican primaries were now a race between two candidates, in an attempt to position herself as Trump's main rival. Trump responded that she is neither determined or conservative enough.

According to Globe, "Haley is working hard. In Iowa, she showed poor performance. She tried to answer Trump's questions about social security and immigrants. Haley still has time to at least close the gap with voters and try to pull Trump back under 50."

"Haley can find support in the polls showing that she is gaining on Trump in New Hampshire, with one survey even showing them even at 40%."