Kfir Bibas
Kfir BibasCourtesy of the family

Kfir Bibas, the redheaded infant who made headlines worldwide as the youngest hostages to be kidnapped to Gaza on October 7, on Thursday marks his first birthday - in Hamas captivity.

Kfir was nine months old when he was kidnapped to Gaza from Nir Oz by Hamas terrorists, bundled in his mother Shiri's arms together with his four-year-old brother Ariel. Yarden (Jordan) Bibas is also being held in Gaza, although it is believed that he is not together with Shiri and his sons.

Uriya Brodtz, age four, who was released from captivity in a prisoner swap, drew Kfir a picture and wrote, "Kfir! Happy birthday! Come home already! I hope it's happy for you!"

Emily Hand, age 9, wrote a letter to Kfir and Ariel: "Happy birthday. I hope you get out as soon as possible. I understand the feeling, because I was also there. I embrace and love you."

Gali Cherchensky, age 13, wrote, "We're waiting for you to come home safely and quickly, and we will celebrate with you, with a cake and presents - like a one-year-old child should celebrate."

Yifat Zeilar, Shiri Bibas' cousin, said, "No hostage should need to mark a birthday in captivity. We, the Bibas family, thank the children and their parents for the gestures, which were so moving, and we ask the decision-makers to read these [birthday] blessings and understand that behind every hostage is an entire world, and a worried family."

"We demand that they make the right decisions, even if they are difficult, and bring Yarden, Shiri, Kfir, and Ariel back to us, and the other 136 hostages back to their families."

Moran Harari-Artsieli, a member of a cake-decorating Facebook group, posted a photo of a yellow cake with the number "1" and Kfir's name.

"I've made dozens or hundreds of cakes for children I don't know," she wrote. "But this is the first time that I am making a cake that I will not be able to give [to the recipient]. Tomorrow we will light candles on it, little love. And Shiri - we will make a wish for him. For all of you."

"Have a.....I wish it were happy....birthday. Come home already."