Roi Avraham Maimon z"l
Roi Avraham Maimon z"lCourtesy of the family

MK Yitzhak Kreuzer, chairman of the Otzma Yehudit faction, read to the Knesset an eulogy delivered by Yair Maimon at the grave of his son Major (Res.) Roi Avraham, who was killed last week in battle in Gaza.

"One of the strongest things we remember about you is your high level of morality and strong willpower. They are what helped you recognize and remember what the most important things in life are, and apply them with strong determination. It was important to you not to hurt anyone; not even animals and that's why you became a vegan. Truth, peace, love and care were your guiding mottos and you worked hard to spread them around you," Kreuzer quoted the obituary for Maimon’s son.

"The other day I met with your death. It was a very powerful meeting and I still find it very difficult to even begin to understand. At the time of death, all shells disappear. The body goes and then the strong light that is found behind the shells appears. It is very powerful. On the one hand I meet and feel the power, and on the other hand I feel a very strong and powerful longing. You didn't want to hurt anyone, but it was so important to you to protect our homeland. The pain is very strong."

"The main thing that comforts me is to connect with the Divine light. There is great truth, peace and love in this light. This is the same light that comforts me. Now I greatly understand the concept: 'You shall be comforted from heaven,' since that is the only place where comfort comes from. This is the reason I decided not to walk on the path of bereavement, of drama and pain, but to connect with the Divine light, which is so healing. Here I still manage to connect with you Roi. I feel you well and know that you are in a good place," quoted the obituary.

Kreuzer added, "Roi's father read me the eulogy that he delivered at his son’s funeral and asked me to read it at the Knesset. He said that we must remember that the war from the outside was opened upon us following the war from within. This is a hard struggle for existence between right and left, religious and secular, between different opinions, and above all I remember the horrible incidents at the last Yom Kippur prayers. I cried all night and could not console my soul, when I could not understand how it happened that Jewish brothers were fighting each other because, after 2000 years of exile, we were granted the enormous privilege of being able to hold a prayer in the city streets on the Holy Day of the year, when the gates of heaven are opened wide for us. When it is unfortunately known that the war that is within us is the one that brought the war upon us from the outside. As a result of this, my eldest son, whom I loved more than anything, fell in battle."

"We pray for times of peace, when love and respect will dwell between us. And this is what I want to instill as Roi's will," Kreuzer concluded.