Tal Braun
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If you were wondering how to commit genocide, then here is a tested recipe made in Israel, which you will not find anywhere else in the world.

No one should be warned by telephone, text messages, leaflets, loudspeakers, and announcements in the media to evacuate with his family and leave the area where shots will be fired soon, a bomb will land, or fighting will take place. They certainly should not be taken to a protected and marked place, to which there is clear guidance under the auspices of the army. For those in the world who have forgotten what they did to the Jews, I remind you, as the second generation since the Holocaust, that in genocide everyone is urged to congregate at the train station for direct transport to concentration and extermination camps, not to temporary and protected refugee camps under the auspices of the UN and other aid organizations.

Do not develop procedures such as "knocking on the roof" or firing warning shots near targets and people, and certainly do not shoot at the feet of those who willfully violate the law after using crowd control munitions of all kinds to disperse them. In genocide, you simply shoot to kill, indiscriminately, mercilessly, and as much as possible, without meticulous safety measures that are supposed to prevent collateral damage to uninvolved civilians, even at the cost of endangering your own soldiers' lives. In genocide, there are no non-combatants. Everyone is exterminated.

Humanitarian aid such as medicines, food, and clothing is not allowed. When genocide is committed, there should be no one left who will need such assistance, except perhaps funeral shrouds.

Electricity, water, and gas are not meant to be for the use of the targeted population, only against it. In the past, there were already those who electrified, drowned, and gassed three times as many Jews as the entire population of the Gaza Strip in a shorter period than the Jewish state has been dealing with Gaza.

Do not try to reach any peace agreements or normalization with terrorist gangs, which you welcome and bring back from far and near Arab countries, then uplift, embrace, finance, and arm them whether overtly or discreetly.

Entire territories, such as the Gaza Strip, are not voluntarily handed over to the same people you want to eliminate and destroy, certainly not after Jews were expelled from the same region by their own brothers during the summer of 2005.

Do not provide entry and work permits, offer full wages, and grant social benefits to those you wish to destroy. If you need forced labor, use the people until they die from exhaustion. This is what some regimes did and still do in large parts of Asia while sitting, preaching, and judging today.

Do not provide medical aid to the targeted people, and do not admit patients from the people you wish to destroy to your most advanced medical institutions. Do not invest many life-saving resources in them, as was done for the dozens of children and adults with cancer who entered Israel from Gaza for treatment over the years, and for terrorists who tried to murder Jews but were injured during their capture or terrorists who fell ill during their imprisonment but received life-saving treatment in Israeli prisons. As a token of gratitude, some of them claimed the lives of many Israelis when they were released safe and sound, like senior Hamas official Yahya Sinwar.

Do not deport terrorists to prison camps in Lebanon, only to retrieve them later. Murderous terrorists should not be allowed to come out alive either from prison or from the country. Do not allow family reunifications. Do not imprison terrorists, only to release them later to continue to live their lives alongside their victims. You should certainly not pay national insurance to their families, or offer them preferences in admissions to universities and career opportunities.

Do not allow lives of luxury to the leaders of the same people you wish to eliminate, in luxury homes with refreshments, amenities, luxury cars, and many millions in accounts all over the globe, as well as various weapons above and below ground.

Do not sentence to imprisonment any member of the people whom you wish to destroy once they are revealed as terrorists who committed cruel crimes and murdered Jews. Everywhere else, they would immediately be subjected to firing squads and their loved ones expelled.

Do not allow freedom of expression, coverage, or free media, and certainly do not negotiate with those people. Have the Turks been more considerate of Armenians than they are now of the Kurds? How did the Japanese treat the Chinese, who in turn are now massacring the Uighurs? Were there discussions between Hutu and Tutsi tribesmen in Rwanda, or, of course, between Nazis and Jews?

Do not behave gently, considerately, and mercifully towards terrorists who have been imprisoned, and towards a population that almost entirely supports these sons of Satan. Do not provide them any gourmet food, extracurricular activities, academic degrees, and education, conditions that are no less than those of your own soldiers who serve you and your country, those who have led to the imprisonment of terrorists.

Do not believe in or respect the leaders, writings, and religious institutions of those who believe that murdering Jews is a noble goal and a religious commandment, which is often mentioned in the chants of "Khaybar Khaybar Ya Yehud" and as it is written in the hadith (a tradition attributed to the Prophet Muhammad): "The hour (of resurrection) will not come until you fight the Jews; The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. And the stones or trees will cry out: 'Oh Muslim, oh 'Abd Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'" This is what those terrorists and Gazans did on October 7 at the Supernova festival and in many Israeli towns.

This hadith is repeated by clerics of the Palestinian Authority as well as Hamas, such as Mufti Muhammad Hussein, who described the murder of Jews as a Muslim destiny at a festive rally in honor of the 47th anniversary of the founding of Fatah. This means that not only does Hamas want the murder of the Jewish people, but that this is the ultimate goal of the PA, which is headed by some of the worst enemies of Israel. Despite this, there are those who think it is appropriate to allow it to control so much as a grain of sand, and expel Jews from their homes in order to please them.

There is an attempt to commit genocide on this land. It is carried out systematically and consistently, bit by bit, although in some periods faster than others, against Jews, by Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East, including those living in the Land of Israel. This was long before they later branded themselves as Palestinians, without knowing what they were even talking about. The Arabs wished for the annihilation of the Jewish people for declared religious reasons, which not many read or understand because it was written in Arabic. Perhaps it is convenient for many in the world to ignore the fact because they are antisemitic, and wished for Hitler to finish the job at the time.

So many in the world simply do not understand the root of the problem. Pogroms have been perpetrated against Jews in the Land of Israel as well, trying to uproot them from their homeland, trying to exterminate them from young to adult, from individuals to families and entire communities, as happened in Hebron, Moza, and now also in the western Negev. Signs of genocide were seen in the pogroms of 1921 and 1929, in the murder of the Fogel and Gavish families, in the massacre in Ma'alot and Avivim, in the Sbarro and Maza restaurants, and on bus lines in Jerusalem, etc.

This genocide in Nahal Oz, Bee’ri, and Nirim, where Muslim Arabs came to murder and exterminate Jews everywhere, with torture and fire, is no less than that of ISIS, the Nazis, and their accursed collaborators. Perhaps the time has come to understand that this is no longer a chain or historical sequence of attacks, but rather a pattern of action and a strategic purpose that is essentially aimed at the murder of the Jewish people in its homeland, so that there will not be a single Jew left in Israel, just as there is no one left in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and more.

One might ask ‘what now?’ The simplest thing is to say we will be strong, and this too will pass, and we will have a few years of grace and rest until the next round. The next time will come, and therefore it is appropriate that each time we react proportionately, as is done by countries near and far that sit in courts of law, preach morality, and discuss the statement of claim or are partners in it.

In the end, perhaps the Arabs will understand that the 22-state solution is the right solution: one Jewish state and another 21 for the Muslim Arabs, including one state that sits on part of the territory of the Jewish Home. This was determined in the San Remo Conference before the establishment of the kingdom east of the Jordan River, in which there is a solid Palestinian majority. That country that knew how to properly handle the governmental aspirations of the terrorist Yasser Arafat and his contemporaries in the Black September of 1970.

If we are dealing with a genocide allegedly committed by Israel against the Palestinians, then who are those people that we are talking about? How are they being defined, and according to what conventions, exactly? In order to commit genocide, there must first be a people that is defined before it is destroyed. Is there a chance that Israel will also be blamed for the genocide of Narnians, and will we find out who killed the inhabitants of the land of Oz and Atlantis once and for all?