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The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), an arm of the US State Department, has equated Israel with Hamas and accused the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of striking seven mosques while underplaying Hamas’s use of these mosques for military purposes by describing that proven fact merely as IDF’s “claim.”

USCIRF’s statement has also quoted one of its Commissioners, Mohamad Magid, as saying, “Claims that violent terrorists represent the whole of Islam—or the Palestinian people seeking their fundamental human rights—are ill-founded.”

That quote is based on denying the role of religion and ethnicity in politics around the world and is therefore, flawed. Historically, religions have played a central role in politics whether it was in the partition of India, the creation of Israel, the passage of the first and second amendments of the US Constitution, or the setting up of the governments of Islamic countries as theocracies.

Religion continues to play an important role today, and within the US, the terms ‘conservative’ and ‘right wing’ are primarily used by the so-called ‘liberals’ to label the White Protestants. They also use the terms ‘right wing,’ ‘extremist’ and ‘nationalist’ as slurs to describe the members of various religions and ethnicities around the world that they oppose. Apart from the White Protestants, such groups include Hindus, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews who defend Israel, and the members of the Russian Orthodox church.

They also do not shy away from naming the religions and ethnicities of the people who are low in the hierarchy of the ‘left’ and who are used as tools to achieve political goals. Among such groups are Blacks and Hispanics who are used as shields behind whom the leadership of the ‘left’ hides while falsely accusing their opponents of racism, and Muslims who are weaponized and used as the sword of the ‘left’ to wage wars. Despite the leaders of the ‘left’ using religions and ethnicities to label their political opponents and groups such as Blacks and Muslims to extract some political gain, they have carefully ensured that their own religions and ethnicities are not part of the political discourse. Instead, they hide behind terms such as ‘liberal,’ ‘progressive’ and ‘left wing’ to identify themselves.

In reality, religious identity is a core part of the leadership of the so-called ‘liberals’ too, as they are a coalition of secular white, white Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, and some non-Orthodox Jews of East European and Germanic descent. Although Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims are part of the ‘left,’ they are not permitted to contribute to the formulation of any policy but are used as pawns. There are also a few people among other races in USA and the violent Maoist groups around the world who label themselves “liberals,” but they too are irrelevant as they too are not permitted to shape any policies and are expected to fall in line with whatever is told to them in exchange for money that flows to them from the US liberal establishment.

Among American Jews, it is primarily a small group within the non-Orthodox of East European heritage who oppose Israel and it is not certain if they believe it has a right to exist. A small number of the wealthier liberal Germanic Jews go along with this position to avoid losing control over the American Jewish institutions as the non-observant East European Jews with those views are numerically stronger.

In the past few decades, the US State Department, the American intelligence agencies, and the American judiciary, have all been taken over by the “left,” and they have ensured that American politics is stringently anti-Russian, for example, with the Ukraine War now justifying that policy. US President Joe Biden, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, and former Secretaries of State John Kerry and Madeleine Albright, have been hawkish on Russia. On the other hand, others like James Baker and Warren Christopher who served as Secretaries of State, and President Richard Nixon, argued for Russia to be integrated into Europe at the end of the cold war. This schism has defined American politics and global geopolitics for more than a hundred years.

For its part, the USCIRF, as its name suggests, was set up to use religions as political weapons around the world, and its Commissioners, who always belong to the religions of the ‘left,’ seem to fan the flames of religious wars outside USA. They routinely make absurd claims like India and Israel not being democracies or in danger of becoming non-democratic, and they generate propaganda against Hinduism and portray Hindus as violent people.

The USCIRF uses religious tests to appoint its Commissioners and staff, and every single person who has been a Commissioner has been hostile towards Hinduism. It is for this reason that India refuses to grant visas to its Commissioners. The State Department’s views on Israel have always been negativel.

Additionally, the US State Department tacitly, if not publicly, supports Hamas, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and many terrorist groups and portrays them as victims of human rights violations. The reason for this behavior is that the US State Department has weaponized Islam and that has led to an unwritten understanding with the Islamic world to treat the targets of Islam as their own enemies.

The US State Department backtracked after initially expressing support for Iranian women who were fighting for their freedom in 2022 and early 2023. When the Iranian women expanded their fight and sought liberation from Islam itself, the US State Department pulled its support and issued a statement defending Islam, in part leading to the tragic murders of these brave women by the Iranian government.

The “liberals” routinely make false accusations of racism and violence against their political opponents, and have perfected the art of divide-and-rule. Many Israelis have woken up to this manipulation and the true identity of the ‘left’ and, until the current war broke the barriers and united the country, retaliated by calling attention to the existence of “Two Israels” in which the Likud Party draws much, but not all, of its support from Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews while the “left” consists mainly of European Jews.

The rest of the world too needs to acknowledge that religion and race are central to politics, especially in the US where the “left” treats every religion and race as either its ally or its enemy. Just as the “liberals” use religious and ethnic labels against their opponents, others too must identify the “liberals” by their religions and ethnicities, and accurately describe their political positions as manifestations of their loyalties to their religious and ethnic coalition.

The weapons of the ‘liberals’ too should be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Specifically, any religion that preaches violence and hatred and lends itself to be used as a weapon of the “liberals” must be described in an honest manner, and the world should ensure that religious freedom including the right to leave a religion, multiculturalism, democracy, freedom of expression, and the right to immigrate be brought to the countries where Islam, the favored religion of the “liberals” and the US State Department, is in power.

Arvind Kumar is from India, lives in the United States and can be reached at [email protected].