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Tomorrow, the first primaries of the Republican party will be held to determine the party's Presidential candidate. Recent polls show former president Donald Trump winning by a wide margin.

NBC shows Trump leading with 48%, with his nearest competitor being Nikki Haley at only 20%, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has 16%.

One of the questions on the survey was ‘How excited are you at the thought of your chosen candidate leading the Republican party?’

49% of Trump's supporters wrote they were extremely excited, 39% wrote very excited, and 11% wrote mildly excited.

Only 9% of Nikki Haley's supporters were extremely excited, 30% were very excited, 49% were mildly excited, and 12% were not excited at all.

Voters in Iowa, the first state to open ballot boxes, have already decided what they will vote and many have a concrete opinion.

68% said they knew what they would vote, and 25% said they are still open to persuasion. All other voters said they have not decided at all and will choose in only in the voting booth. 82% of Trump supporters have already stated that they intend to vote for Trump and cannot be persuaded otherwise.