Handcuffs (illustration)
Handcuffs (illustration)iStock

A Be’er Sheva court has convicted Amad Sufi of illegally crossing from Rafah to Israel, and attempting to murder Andrei Dostov, a security coordinator in Moshav Avshalom.

During the court case, attorney Liat Levi-Segal of the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, who managed the prosecution, proved that during the year 2021, Sufi infiltrated Israel armed with two knives.

In the evening, he made his way to Moshav Yated, where he was spotted and reported by a driver passing by. A few minutes after the report, the security coordinator of Avshalom stopped near him and asked him to enter his vehicle, as well as questioning him as to his business.

In response, Sufi drew a knife, inserted his upper body into the vehicle, and attempted to stab Dostov in his head and other places. Dostov fought back and succeeded in pushing Sufi out of the vehicle, and Sufi began to run towards Yated.

Dostov called two IDF soldiers passing by in a Jeep and told them that there was a terrorist. The two left their Jeep and called for the terrorist to halt. Sufi did not, and instead drew the second knife and charged the soldiers and the security coordinator who had reached the scene. Out of fear that they would be injured, or that he was carrying an explosive device, they fired at his legs and arrested him.

In the verdict, the judge wrote that “In this case, the accused infiltrated Israel while armed with knives from an enemy region following an armed conflict. Having dismissed as unrealistic the possible alternate explanation that the accused provided, this being that he had entered the country to work or be arrested, it remains clear that he entered Israel in order to attack its residents, and his goals were a matter of terrorism.”

“The knives were in fact used in an attempt to murder the plaintiff, who the accused believed to be a Jewish police officer, and afterwards to threaten the soldiers, who the accused believed to be Jews. It is also noted that the accused agreed in his interrogation that he would not have stabbed an Arab officer, which further indicates a nationalist motive.”