Combat soldiers in Gaza
Combat soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson

An officer in an elite unit who was fighting in Gaza noticed the sign of the Yarhi family’s house and contacted them. They were delighted to receive a sign of life from their former home in Netzarim.

The Yarhi family was expelled from Netzarim in Gush Katif 19 years ago and was informed yesterday that the house sign was located in Gaza.

The color of the wooden sign has faded over the years, but the carving remains and the words “Yarhi Family” are clearly visible.

The officer noticed the sign which was being used to support a roof.

Journalist Amiel Yarhi wrote "We were speechless. An officer in a special unit fighting in Gaza found the sign from our house in Netzarim. We had regretted leaving it behind and it was found 19 years later in the heart of Gaza."

Nahala representatives responded: “our dear soldiers in Gaza are repeatedly exposing the soil that is crying out to its children. Once it was a book of Psalms, another time it is the sign from the home of a family who used to live there and were forcefully removed from their home. Dear Amiel and the Yarhi family, with God’s help we will very soon return to live in Netzarim and the entire Gaza region.”