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Dor Steinbrecher, whose 30-year-old sister Doron was kidnapped by Hamas and is still being held Gaza Strip, told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the family had been told by Red Cross officials that “we should care more about the Arab people on the other side,” and “less about our beloved one.” (Arutz Sheva, here.)

The ICRC said it explained to families that its goal was to alleviate the suffering of victims of conflict on all sides.

Don't hold your breath if you are hoping the Red Cross cares about the Israeli hostages. There is a macabre precedent.

In November 1944, the International Committee of the Red Cross sent a delegate to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp, which was a place of unimaginable suffering and the site of the deaths of millions of innocent people, the vast majority Jews. The delegate reported back to the Red Cross that he had not found any evidence of extermination at the camp and that it was not exclusively a camp for Jews. 

This report shocked and baffled many, as it seemed to deny the horrific truths of the Holocaust, making us all wonder how Israel can be shocked that the Red Cross declined to visit its hostages or even transport medical assistance to them.

The Red Cross bias includes the organization's leadership blaming Israel for Hamas taking their civilians as hostages, leaving one only to wonder if the Red cross Staff told the Jews in Auschwitz on their way to the Gas Chambers.. “It's your fault you are being murdered “because you are Jewish”..

The world still recognizes the Red Cross as heroes even though they were able to overlook and deny the atrocities of the Holocaust at Auschwitz, The question that should off been asked in 1945 remains a question we must ask now, What assurance do people have that the Red Cross is truly operating with integrity in other conflicts and crises around the world?

The most recent controversy surrounding the Red Cross has been their perceived relationship with Hamas, the militant group in control of the Gaza Strip. There have been allegations that the Red Cross is on the Hamas payroll, casting further serious doubts on their impartiality and independence. This has led to concerns about the Red Cross's ability to effectively operate in conflict zones and provide aid to those who need it most, without being influenced or compromised by political agendas.

The organization's history of questionable decisions and close ties to terror entities have eroded public trust and confidence in their ability to carry out their humanitarian mission. When the Red Cross seemingly failed to acknowledge the horrors of the Holocaust and is suspected of having ties to militant groups and refuses to visit Jewish hostages, it becomes difficult to believe that they have the best interests of those in need at heart.

Putting faith in an organization accused of overlooking mass atrocities such as the Red Cross and its history is an embarrassment to any government body who recognizes them as an organization that stands for credibility and moral integrity.

Red Cross letter after Auschwitz visit
Red Cross letter after Auschwitz visitDuvi Honig

Duvi Honig is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce