Noa Kirel
Noa KirelAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Shortly before the beginning of 2024, TikTok Israel published its traditional review of the year. 

The review included popular names like singers Noa Kirel, Anna Zak, Yigal Oshri, Static, and more. 

Many users were surprised by the order, which placed Anna Zak in first place and Noa Kirel in second. 

The news follows reports that Zak is also dating Kirel’s ex-boyfriend. The satire show Eretz Nehederet dedicated a sketch to the alleged rivalry between them. 

Kirel did not comment on the matter until Monday, when her attorneys sued TikTok Israel and the Debby Group public relations corporation for the errors. The suit is for 1.3 million shekels and emphasizes that Kirel has no personal complaint against Zak, who is a talented artist in her own right, but only against TikTok for attempting to create a fictional conflict between the two songs as part of its marketing strategy. 

Kirel's attorneys at Noff, Oren, Ben Ami & Co.  commented, “The lawsuit was brought, in lieu of any other option, against TikTok Israel and its publicity office after their inexplicable refusal to present elementary data, and their publication of data that does not match the data in our possession by a significant margin.”

"As noted in the statement of claim, there is no personal dispute between any of the personalities on the list of the top 10 Israeli artists. The dispute is with a public relations campaign which could cause damage to the Noa Kirel brand through incorrect publications, which no one is willing to represent, and as soon as we found it impossible to reach any meaningful answer regarding this matter, we had no choice but to file suit.”