Volunteers attach armor to an APC
Volunteers attach armor to an APCCourtesy

Residents of the town of Oz Zion in the Binyamin region, along with volunteers from Judea and Samaria, have spent the last few days helping to armor IDF tanks and APCs bear the Gaza border. 

The beginning of the war, the organizers of the effort noticed the damage done to the IDF due to the lack of suitable armor, and since then have been working to armor IDF vehicles that need additional protection. All of this has been done on a fully volunteer basis, without any kind of pay.

One of the young men involved told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: “We heard that because of technical problems and lack of capable workers, there were vehicles that were liable to be damaged in the fighting and there was no one to attach armor to them. We took several volunteers from our town, got into our car, and went to work in one of the bases near the border.”

“No one needs to give what they can in this war, and if the nation of Israel needs us here, we will be here.”