Demonstrators outside the Jordanian Embassy
Demonstrators outside the Jordanian EmbassyArutz Sheva

Demonstrators gathered outside the Jordanian Embassy in Herzliya on Thursday to protest Israel's partnership with Jordan.

"We came today to the Jordanian Embassy to protest the antisemitism emanating from Jordan, especially by the Waqf (the Jordanian-appointed caretaker of the Temple Mount). The preachers there incite the murder of Jews," one of the protesters explained to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News.

"Only a week ago, the IDF in Gaza eliminated one of the former preachers from al-Aqsa who was a Hamas member. It can't be that our soldiers are risking their lives fighting Hamas in Gaza, and we're allowing them to continue inciting to murder Jews in the center of Jerusalem," the protester added.

At the demonstration, protesters held signs calling to deport the Jordanian Waqf and even chanted, "With blood and fire, we'll expel the Waqf," a take on similar Muslim slogans.

"On the Temple Mount, if we aren't in control, Hamas will be in control. And whoever wants to eliminate Hamas can't let it stay on the Temple Mount. The State of Jordan is an enemy state - letting it have the Temple Mount is stupidity," another demonstrator added.

"Radical Islam wants to eliminate us. Choose a side - we heard the Queen of Jordan denying that there was a massacre on October 7th; it is unbearable; we are not ready to be silent," one of the protesters concluded.