Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked spoke to Israel National News – Arutz Sheva about the Supreme Court's decision to act against the first stage of the Netanyahu government's judicial reform and take the unprecedented step of striking down a Basic Law while Israel is at war.

“It's pretty sad. We should not be dealing with this right now. We need to be fighting the Hamas. We need to win and not deal with all those issues that are under dispute. This specific topic tore apart the people in Israel and right now while we have soldiers in Gaza and while we are fighting our war there, we don't need to get into all those details. Personally, I think it's a wrong decision and I'm pretty sad that it happened, but we need to see what the next government and the next Knesset will do. What we need to do is to legislate the Law of Legislation that will define how each branch should act and this probably will solve the problem," Shaked said.

She spoke about sense of unity that our soldiers are feeling now on the battlefield and is “pretty optimistic about the situation. Yesterday I visited four families who were sitting shiva for a fallen soldier, and they all told me that we must keep the unity. The most important thing is the unity and when I talk with soldiers from Khan Yunis, they keep telling me ‘please keep the unity.’ So, I hope that even after they come back, leaders will be pretty responsible and keep this unity.”

On the current situation of the war and the work that still needs to be dealt with, Shaked stated that “there is still a lot of work. We haven’t eliminated the Hamas yet. We haven’t brought all the hostages yet. There are many things that we need to do. The leadership of Hamas is still breathing, unfortunately. I think that they are all dead men who are walking around, so we need to take care of them as well. There are still a lot of things to do.”

Shaked concluded, “My meetings with the families and the soldiers are definitely what are helping me stay optimistic. My meetings with the families, with the soldiers in the hospitals; they are all giving the people in Israel power, strength, and optimism.”