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Professor Sivan Toledo, professor of computer science and head of Tel Aviv University's Blavatnik School of Computer Science, instructed staff at the school not to come to the university wearing the "dog tag" necklaces calling for the release and return of the Israeli hostages held in Gaza, Ynet reported Tuesday.

In his request, Toledo said, "It is appropriate for us, the teaching staff, to avoid coming to classes and lessons with items of attire or objects with current significance to the war."

"A shirt with the words, 'Bring them home now,' or, 'Together, we will win,' is a type of statement about the war," he added.

"The effort to provide a learning environment which reduces distractions and makes it easier for students to focus on their studies requires us to focus on the content of the courses, meaning on computer science, and to avoid discussions with the students about the war."

Tel Aviv University responded, "Professor Sivan Toledo expressed his personal opinion and recommended to members of his staff how to behave, out of a desire to isolate the students from the distractions and make it easier for them to concentrate on their studies."