Danny Danon
Danny DanonPhoto: INN

Economy Minister Nir Barkat and MKs Galit Distel-Atbaryan and Eli Dallal did not attend the weekly Likud faction meeting today (Monday), during which MK Danny Danon strongly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the withdrawal of thousands of troops from Gaza.

"The publications and reports in recent days point to a worrying trend," said Danon. "Israel is losing the achievements it gained in the war because of pressure from the US."

"Buckling in the face of American pressure does not advance the goals of the war. Neither the release of the hostages nor the defeat of Hamas. What interest does Hamas have in negotiating a deal if they understand that in any case, Israel is going to cease fighting? You led the beginning of the war with determination and strength and the results were clear. We need to continue like this. The message that Sinwar is receiving from us now, about the withdrawal of the forces, is a very bad message," Danon added.

Minister Ofir Akunis said during the faction meeting: "We need to formulate basic fundamental principles on which there is a very broad agreement for the 'day after.'"

"1. A Palestinian state will not be established and the 'two states' principle no longer exists. 2. The Palestinian Authority is not returning to the Gaza Strip. 3. The establishment of a 2-3 km security strip in the Gaza Strip, at the northern, southern, and eastern border.

"These principles, on which there is a broad consensus, should be presented to the public, and the discussion for 'the day after' must be based on them."