Some of the arms that were allegedly stolen by Yifrah
Some of the arms that were allegedly stolen by YifrahPolice Spokesperson

The State Prosocutor's Office submitted an indictment to the District Court in Tel Aviv against a city resident, Roi Yifrah, who impersonated a combat soldier and a policeman and stole ammunition and military and police equipment from the combat zone in the south. At the same time, the prosecutor's office submitted a request to extend his arrest until the end of the legal proceedings.

According to the indictment, filed through the Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office, the accused came to the combat zone in the south on October 7 and falsely presented himself in various situations, including a military sapper, a combat soldier in the National Counterterrorism Unit and a member of the Shin Bet.

From the outbreak of the war until his arrest on December 17, Yifrah stole large quantities of weapons and ammunition, including grenades, cartridges, bullets, and more.

Eitan Sabag, Yifrah's defense attorney, said on Monday during the Kalman Liberman talk radio show on Kan Reshet Bet that his client fought heroically on October 7th.

"He showed up to the scene as is. He is a senior EMT in United Hatzalah. He fought in Kfar Aza with his personal weapon. He rescued dozens of wounded, helped them and tended to them, and eliminated terrorists."

Sabag added: "Everything that happened on October 7th isn't described in the indictment. This information is known to the police and the prosecution. It is unfortunate that the things aren't being fully revealed, and they present an abridged narrative about someone who joined the fighting and wasn't a soldier. I still haven't received material about whether or not he was a soldier, and I haven't gotten an answer to why someone who wanted to steal a weapon would go deep into Gaza to the most dangerous places with it."