Attack in Lebanon
Attack in LebanonIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Criticism in Lebanon of the Hezbollah terrorist organization is increasing, as is the demand that it stop firing at Israel due to fear that the country's citizens will pay the price.

The chairman of the Christian Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, claimed that "Hezbollah is doing manipulations at the expense of the fate of the Lebanese - claiming that it is helping Gaza. It is not helping Gaza, but harming it."

"We support Gaza 100% and sympathize with its residents. This is unacceptable at all levels. But the question arises: How do the attacks coming from southern Lebanon help Gaza? Can there be a worse situation in Gaza than what is happening there now?" Geagea wondered.

Geagea is one of the politicians considered to be the leaders of the fight against Hezbollah and represents about a fifth of the Lebanese population.

Maronite patriarch Bechara al-Rai joined Geagea and said, "We are opposed to the war entering southern Lebanon, the citizens of Lebanon must be protected. The war has brought us to the lowest of the lows. We demand the removal of all the missile launchers between the houses to prevent a destructive response by Israel. Everyone should respect [UN Security Council] Resolution 1701."