30-year-old Artem Reznik, a resident of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, was killed in a rocket attack on the city on Friday morning. Reznik is the only child of Marina, who is active in the Kharkiv Jewish community, reported COLLive.

The city was hit with a barrage of over 20 rockets in Friday’s attack and, according to COLLive, the attacks continued after Shabbat as the Grand Kharkiv palace hotel was hit by an Iskander missile, leaving many injured.

Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz, a local Chabad shaliach, has arranged the funeral which will take place on Monday at the local synagogue, together with the community members.

At the same time, COLLive notes, even in times of tragedy and war, three brit milah ceremonies will be taking place in Kharkiv this Thursday, for a 15-year-old and two elderly men in their 70s.