Scene of a ramming attack (archive)
Scene of a ramming attack (archive)Yoav Dudkowtiz/TPS

A reserve soldier suffered serious injuries on Saturday in a ramming attack at a military post near al-Fawar in the Hebron area.

The injured soldier was treated at the scene and was evacuated, fully conscious and in stable condition, to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva. The terrorist was eliminated by IDF reserve soldiers.

Many forces have been spread throughout the area, and reinforcing security on the roads in the area.

The family of the injured soldier, identified as Eden, the son of Vered, has requested that the public pray for his recovery. His condition deteriorated during the evacuation from the scene, and he is now undergoing an operation and his condition is considered serious.

The IDF said, "A ramming attack took place a short time ago, at a military post near the al-Fawar refugee camp in the Judea Brigade. IDF reserve soldiers neutralized the terrorist. Security forces are dispersed and are reinforcing the roads in the area."

On Friday afternoon, the IDF confirmed that five soldiers were injured in the ramming attack that took place on Friday morning near a military post near the Adorayim junction, north of the town of Otniel.

"During the incident, an IDF soldier was seriously injured, and four other soldiers were lightly and moderately injured. The injured were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment and their families were informed," the statement noted.

IDF soldiers who were operating in the area neutralized the terrorist.