Zaher Jabareen, a member of the political arm of Hamas and the one responsible for Hamas prisoners, commented that Hamas leadership is currently deliberating on a "national unity government."

AWP reports that during the deliberations between representatives of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, and the Democratic Front, the possibility of a Palestinian Arab establishment based on mutual consensus is being discussed. Such an initiative would take place only after a ceasefire.

According to Jabareen, the establishment would be based on all "Palestinian Arab" organizations, with no exceptions, and the new government would be responsible for rehabilitating Gaza and rebuilding the "Palestinian authority," the legislative authority, and the presidency.

Jabareen commented that Hamas has not responded to offers made by mediators, and instead demanded a ceasefire before any negotiations, in accordance with the interests of the "Palestinian people."

Regarding the question of whether Hamas will agree to a ceasefire after which a government without Hamas would be established to rule the Gaza Strip, Jabareen commented: "The Palestinian people will decide for itself who will rule it."

Prior to this, Hamas had announced that it would accept a solution based on a unity government and the establishment of a regime based on democratic values and elections.