Captain (res.) Harel Sharvit
Captain (res.) Harel SharvitCourtesy of the photographer

The BInyamin Regional Council on Friday morning announced that Captain (res.) Harel Sharvit fell in battle in Gaza.

Sharvit, 33, was a resident of Kokhav Ya'akov. He served in Brigade 551, as an officer in Battalion 7008.

"The Binyamin Council and the community of Kokhav Ya'akov embrace the parents, Rabbi Yitzhak and Noga Sharvit, and the entire family. We will continue to support them in everything they need," the Council said in its announcement.

An announcement from Kokhav Ya'akov read, "The Kokhav Ya'akov community mourns and announces with great pain and agony the fall and rise to heavens of the dear young man Captain (res.) Harel Sharvit, may G-d avenge his blood, the son of the dear Rabbi Yitzhak and Noga Sharvit, who fell in battle in Gaza."

"We embrace the Sharvit family during their difficult hour, and we ask that the Creator of the world put an end to our sorrows."

"The IDF shares the sorrow of the family, and will continue to support them," a statement read.

Sharvit's funeral will be held at 11:30a.m. Friday morning, at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem.