Almog Cohen
Almog CohenOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

MK Almog Cohen commented on a report by Channel 12 News that Supreme Court judges have decided, by a narrow majority, to disqualify the law for reducing the reasonability standard.

"The ruling that was published is a call for civil war. It says, 'Go out to the streets to fight one another.' What do we want to see here? Blood in the streets? Bodies in the Yarkon River? Do we not understand the implications of disqualifying fundamental law of democracy?" Cohen said on 103FM.

"Specifically during this time, it is best that the Supreme Court not involve themselves in restructuring democracy or turning the state into a primitive place where elected officials and voters have no meaning. It is best that both sides demand this," he added.

Regarding the extension of the service of the police commissioner and prison commissioner, he commented: "The minister will not actually sign such a deal. I prefer to deal with unity and solidarity among the people. I trust the War Cabinet."